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Hi, I am Hannah Olenyk.

I am a 26-year-old photographer who currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta. I love Jesus and the passion he has given me for photography. Capturing the joy and blessings in others' lives is what I love to do. When I'm not third-wheeling cute couples, you can find me at the lake, listening to music, binge-watching Netflix, obsessing over my dog or annoying my husband, or eating (let's get real).

In the fall of 2021, I decided to leap into full-time photography and invest all my time and energy towards giving my clients the best possible experience! Let me tell you, it has been a blast, and I am so grateful I can pursue my greatest passion. I can't wait to hopefully share all these amazing things I have been learning and creating with you!

I love pretty much anything that takes me outdoors, having fires, searching for epic locations, and being on the boat. I'm a huge fan of non-traditional intimate weddings/elopements. I'm always down to adventure. Whether you plan to get married in your backyard, in the mountains, or across the world, I'm your girl!

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Just let me be that person for a minute...

Cute, right? Our lives will revolve around her until we have our first kid, without a doubt. Dylan even walked down the aisle with her! So, if you like dogs, PLEASE bring them or show me cute photos! 

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